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What's stopping you from moving forward and going higher?

From the time you were born, the enemy of your divine purpose and destiny has been at work pulling you out of God's will through the controlling force of ungodly soul ties.

In this book you will learn how these ungodly soul ties have impeded your growth, limited your progress, stolen what rightfully belongs to you, and left you tied to emotional and spiritual baggage. It's time break free to break through!

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Ungodly Soul Ties Book

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Get ready to break free to break through, as you gain a clear understanding of: 

How to identify godly and ungodly soul ties

What are the three strands of an ungodly soul tie

What type of relationships can sabotage your success

How to be set free from manipulation, control, and emotional and spiritual baggage

A power-packed quick read, designed to empower and set you free

Chapter Titles

Intro: Who Is The Woman In The Mirror

Get Ready For Your Breakthrough

What Are Soul Ties: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

How Are Ungodly Soul Ties Formed?

How To Identify Ungodly Soul Ties In Your Life

What Ungodly Soul Ties Steal From You

My Story: A Startling Revelation

How To Sever Ungodly Soul Ties

A Final Word and Prayer - Staying Free


Seasoned to Empower


Tarsha L. Campbell is a dynamic, God-appointed Woman of Destiny. God has called her to teach His people who He is and their true identity in Him. She is most known for her life-changing empowerment series, The Woman in the Mirror, which is reaching people from all walks of life around the globe.

  • Minister and Bible Teacher
  • Inspirational and Empowerment Speaker
  • Certified Life and Empowerment Coach

"I had no idea how ungodly soul ties were impacting my life. I had to break free to experience my breakthrough..."

Tarsha L. Campbell


Check out what readers are saying...

"This book has been the missing link when it comes to my personal and business relationships. It helped me clearly define good soul ties and the destructive ones. What an eye-opener! Thank you."

Grateful in Orlando, Fl

Check out what readers are saying...

"Awesomely written...A friend recommended this book to me. It's easy to read and understand. The scripture references make this an excellent book for anyone struggling with ungodly

soul ties. Perfect for any age."

Cassandra Ward

Check out what readers are saying...

"Reading this book caused me to reflect on the events of my life and the many relationships with people and organizations that are no longer in the forefront of my mind but could be holding me back from maximizing my potential in Christ. Not only did the author help me to identify ungodly ties but the information in this book bought me how to break them. To God be the glory!"

Anita Neal

Check out what readers are saying...

"I got your book and it was so awesome. I read it all at one time. It was extremely timely. There's a tremendous anointing on your material! I pray the Lord gives you even more revelation."

soul ties. Perfect for any age."

Pam Carrano-Cappabianca

Check out what readers are saying...

"The Woman in the Mirror series by Tarsha Campbell has been instrumental in transforming me into a true Woman of God. Each theme, from "A Case of Mistaken Identity" to "Ungodly Soul Ties: Break Free to Breakthrough" has been right on target...Revelation to anticipation of destiny is brought to life in this powerful yet comprehensive series."

Sharlyne C. Roger - Author | Speaker | Editor

Your time has come! Seize the moment...

Get ready to embark upon a liberating journey of extraordinary healing and unprecedented breakthrough!

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  • The debilitating effects of toxic relationships
  • Ungodly soul ties negative effects on a marriage
  • How unhealthy connections impact singles desiring marriage
  • Identifying ungodly soul ties between parents and children
  • Recognizing toxic leadership and breaking free from its grip
  • Ties that bind: breaking free from devastating events
  • Severing unhealthy connections with toxic ideologies

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